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Phoenix Pumpkin Patch


Phoenix Pumpkin Patch is Family Owned and Operated. Best Selection Farm Grown Pumpkins. Open 7 Days A Week,  Free admission to pumpkin patch! Pumpkin Patch is Open 14 -31st.
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2020 Pumpkin Patch Collection

Family Time

There’s nothing better than taking home a  farm fresh seasonal pumpkin. Learn how to pick the perfect pumpkin. 

Phoenix's Best Pumpkins 2020

Pumpkin Season

It is officially time to get into the harvest and Halloween spirit, and what better way to start than visiting Phoenix Best Pumpkin patch. Search for the pumpkin of your dreams (or nightmares) at Arizona Pumpkin Patch.

Patch Hours
Open October 17 - 31st
Sunday - Monday
9 am - 9pm
Phoenix Pumpkin Patch

4803 E. Chandler Blvd. Phoenix, Az 85048

A yearly tradition in many families is to visit a local pumpkin patch to choose a pumpkin that will highlight the autumn season. Arizona Pumpkin Patch Is A family run institution in the heart of Phoenix. The place for pumpkin lovers everywhere.