Best Pumpkin Patch In Gilbert " Super cute pumpkin patch in the city. Went with friends, picked out some pumpkins, and carved them that night. What a delightful pumpkin patch! This dog friendly spooky spot has really reasonably priced pumpkins, A really fun find! ."

Best Pumpkin Patch In Gilbert 2021

  Autumn in Gilbert is upon us and that means it’s time to gather family  and head out to pick out the perfect  pumpkins. Pumpkin Picking in Gilbert is one of the most beloved of local Halloween traditions.We offer a variety of pumpkins and corn stalk. We also sale Christmas Trees Starting Thanks Giving Day.

For the whole month of October, enjoy the fresh air at Arizona Pumpkin Patch, while you search for the perfect pumpkin. Featuring our selection of local farm grown pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Fill your wheelbarrow with your favorite pumpkins.

October means Halloween is just around the corner! One of the things we love in October is heading to the pumpkin patch with the family to pick out the perfect pumpkin to create a one-of-a-kind jack o’ lantern

This year we are expecting pumpkins to be in abundance and ready for you and your family.


Pumpkins ripe for the pickin’ in all shapes and sizes