Best Patch In Arizona 2023

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Experience the best of fall at Arizona Pumpkin Patch, where pumpkins await your arrival. Arizona Pumpkin Patch is a dog-friendly pumpkin patch with no entry fee. It’s a great place to take photos with kids. Come and join us and witness the beauty of fall in Arizona firsthand.
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Corn Stalk For Sale At The Patch

Best Pumpkin Patch in Arizona


Hey there! We'd love for you to know that our pumpkin patch is a family-owned business. It's something that makes us feel really proud of, and we're excited to share it with you. It means every pumpkin that you select is grown and tended to with care. We hope you have a blast visiting our patch and making some unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Thank you for supporting our family-run business!

Arizona Pumpkin Patch

Since 1980

Dog Friendly Pumpkin Patch Arizona
Corn Stalk For Sale At The Patch
Pumpkin Carving Kit


The popularity of this Patch among Arizona residents can hardly be overstated. One of the reasons why so many people love visiting this place is because of the incredible range of exciting pumpkin picking activities on offer. From traditional pumpkin picking to more adventurous options, the Patch has it all. The sheer variety of pumpkins available here is also something that sets it apart from other pumpkin patches in the area. With so many different shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from, pumpkin lovers are sure to find the perfect one to suit their tastes and preferences. It's no wonder that this Patch has become a go-to destination for families and friends looking to spend an enjoyable and unforgettable day out in the Arizona sunshine.

We have the best selection of farm-fresh pumpkins, unlike big box stores that harvest their pumpkins weeks or months before they arrive at the store.

Don’t miss a thing! Get the best Instagram pics at the Pumpkin Patch.

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