Types Of Pumpkins

Types Of Pumpkins:
Before Heading to the Patch, Make Sure You Know What Kind of Pumpkins You’re Picking. Pumpkins are a fun way to add seasonal cheer to your home.

Captain Jack Pumpkin

Captain Jack Pumpkin

 Captain Jack is an extra-large, dark orange Jack O’Lantern-type pumpkin. Captain Jack is an  extra-large variety boasts a classic tall, barrel shape. Its flat bottom allows it to easily stand on its own with toppling over.

Fairy Tale Pumpkin

Fairy Tale Pumpkin are slightly flattened weighing from  30-40 lb.The fairy tale pumpkin is a  French variety  pumpkin called “Musquee de Provence”.  Gets its nickname from its fanciful appearance. Fairytale Pumpkin is very fine grained, heavily ribbed and one of the best for baking.

Jill Be Little Pumpkin

Jill Be Little Pumpkin

Jill Be Little Pumpkin , a beautiful dark orange skinned miniature pumpkin.  kids will love these tiny pumpkins, which make great decorations for the holidays. A a miniature well-ribbed pumpkin great for roasting whole.

Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Sugar Pie Pumpkin weigh 4-5 lbs. and have fine, sweet flesh that is superb for pies. highly regarded for their smooth texture and sweet, rich flavors .Make homemade pumpkin pie without the cans by roasting fresh sugar pumpkins. 

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