Chandler Best Pumpkin Patch Open October 14-31

It’s time to get a pumpkin!
PUMPKIN season is here. Are you ready?
For the month of October 15-31 st, enjoy the fresh air at the Arizona Pumpkin patch, while you search for the perfect pumpkin. Featuring our selection of farm grown pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Fill your wheelbarrow with your favorite pumpkins.

Chandler Pumpkin PatCH 2021

Discover the magic of pumpkins Find your perfect pumpkin with your family & Get the grams.

There’s nothing better than taking home a  farm fresh seasonal pumpkins.  

This place has it all. It is a treasure held dear to Chandler. So, grab your friends, family, and yes, even your dog! This is a special place to make lifelong memories.

Picking pumpkins is the quintessential fall family activity in Chandler 2021

We will make sure to provide you with the best pumpkins straight from the farm.

Don’t miss a thing! Get the best instagram pics at our patch.

Buy a pumpkin, take some awesome pumpkin photos with the kids, and have a day of family fun.

Wander through the pumpkin patch and pick your favorite pumpkin. 15-Oct. 31.

Pumpkin Patch is quaint and comforting. They keep it simple here and stick to all the fall classics

Please be respectful of social distance protocol while visiting pumpkin patches.

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Free Admission & Parking | Face masks are encouraged. Please adhere to state social distancing requirements.